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UKIS Commission making good progress

On the 9th March 2018, the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) held a successful conference on the UK Industrial Strategy (UKIS) which brought together public, private and third sector leaders and experts to discuss how to ensure Scotland gets the best deal from the UK Government’s flagship policy.

To take forward the range of discussions and key outputs arising out of the conference, and to shape the wider skills and investment agenda, SCDI launched an Industrial Strategy Commission.  The Group is chaired by David Reid, Vice President, Buildings & Infrastructure at Jacobs.

Since the UKIS Commission launched in May, it has made strong progress in identifying seismic opportunities for the Scottish economy. The Commission convenes business, government and academia to increase awareness and engagement, and to get the best deal for Scotland.

At its inaugural meeting, the Commission agreed its objectives and a process to identify transformative opportunities for Scotland which members would coalesce around and champion.

In July, as work developing a policy prospectus for the Blue Economy progressed, the Commission held its second meeting to discuss other opportunities in, for example, AI, Data and the Health Economy. A sub-group will meet shortly to recommend ideas.

Members also met with senior BEIS officials at a SCDI roundtable to discuss UKIS, the Grand Challenges and latest developments in the bidding framework. Ted Hayden, Head of Grand Challenges, thanked SCDI and the Commission for its positive work in building on existing examples of Scottish excellence.

To get involved in the UKIS Leadership Group, please contact Matt Lancashire, Director of Policy and Public Affairs in the first instance.