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South of Scotland welcomes co-chairs

SCDI’s South of Scotland Committee is to chaired jointly by Borders College’s Jane Grant and the Crichton Trust’s Gwilym Gibbons. A regional committee was set up in the South of Scotland in 2019 in recognition of the need for SCDI to serve the distinct needs of our members in the South of Scotland and better reflect the innovative work they are doing at national level. The new arrangements recognise the distinctive contribution of Borders and Dumfries and Galloway areas and the potential of the South of Scotland to be at the forefront of transforming Scotland’s economy. In welcoming Jane and Gwilym, SCDI Chair Joanna Boag-Thomson paid tribute to outgoing Committee Chair, Wendy Pring and her sterling work to establish SCDI’s presence in the region.

Jane Grant said

“I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed co-chair of SCDI South of Scotland at such an important time in the development of the region. The South of Scotland has a distinctive and important voice in strengthening our economy, to make it more resilient and robust. I look forward to working with key regional partners to help do that.”

The Crichton’s Chief Executive, Gwilym Gibbons said

“I am really looking forward to joining forces with Jane Grant in co-chairing the SCDI South of Scotland and working with colleagues on the South of Scotland Committee and wider SCDI team. It is hard to imagine a more important time in our transition to bring the South of Scotland lived experience to the national policy stage and inform the response to the economic and social challenges we face, challenges often felt first and most acutely in our rural communities. SCDI has a unique and long history of seeking out the answers and opportunities to the big challenges of our time and I know the South of Scotland can and will play an important part in helping shape the future of Scotland through the SCDI nationally.”

The new chairs boast an impressive track record of delivery. Jane Grant is the Executive Director of Enterprise and Business Innovation at Borders College and has held senior roles across provide, public and voluntary sector organisations. She is passionate about business improvement helping the organisations she leads increase their competitiveness through innovation and reaping cost benefits across all aspects of their business.

Crichton Chief Executive, Gwilym Gibbons is a social impact entrepreneur and senior leader with a strong track record in culture, heritage, and education leadership within rural and social enterprise settings with a passion for whole system and circular economy development focused on enabling places to be creative and healthy for people and the planet.