Being a part of Prosper has really helped access to policymakers, influencers and MSPs relevant to our government interactions, as well as connecting us with other like-minded organisations across Scotland.

Sam Calvert

Chief Revenue Officer

Membership benefits are fantastic

The benefits of the Prosper membership are fantastic and Lifelink has been a member since 2015. Many of the day-to-day challenges of running a thriving business are the same irrespective of the sector or industries we work in.

Membership allows us to share learning with peers from a rich and diverse network, think about new ways of working and keep abreast of policy changes. The productivity clubs have also been instrumental in supporting our sustainability journey!

Jacqui Taylor

Chief Executive

Craig Forsyth, DF Communication

Drive positive change

We’re proud to be a member of Prosper and connect with other like-minded businesses and work together to drive positive change.

Craig Forsyth

Sales Director
DF Communications

Susan Love, ACCA

Furthers our partnership working

As a leading professional body ACCA is driven by our mission to be a force for public good.

Being part of Prosper enables us to contribute our expertise to crucial policy debates, engage with key networks and furthers our partnership working in Scotland.

Susan Love

Strategic Engagement
ACCA Scotland

Thought provoking seminars

Prosper political roundtables and thought provoking seminars provide an excellent opportunity to hear from people outwith our own sector and are a great example of reasoned and interesting debate and discussion.

Cat Hay

Head of Policy
Food and Drink Federation Scotland

A voice for key policy issues

The third sector plays a key role in the economic wellbeing of Scotland. Prosper recognises the joint effort of all sectors in building inclusive growth and the benefits this can bring to a vibrant, thriving society.

Prosper offers a supportive local forum which actively encourages collaboration and provides a voice for the Northeast around key policy issues and developments.

As a Prosper committee member I am able to build connections and learn from other members from across the northeast region, to share sector insights and keep up to date with developments and opportunities that inform the work of Aberdeen Foyer in our mission to end youth homelessness and alleviate the impact of poverty.

Leona McDermid

Chief Executive
Aberdeen Foyer

Judith Cruickshank, RBS

It has never been more important for the private, public and voluntary sectors to work in partnership to achieve a more prosperous country for the people and businesses who call Scotland their home.

Judith Cruickshank

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Ian Ord, Fifth Ring

Networking with our peers is invaluable

It is the work that Prosper do at a regional level that I am most impressed with.

Their ability to gather representatives from right across the private, public and social economic sectors in a room to talk about their shared challenges is remarkable.

Their talent for creating events of all shapes and sizes that allow us as members to network with our peers is invaluable.

Ian Ord

Director Business Development
Fifth Ring Ltd

Jim Savege, Aberdeen Council

A powerful network of influencers

Aberdeenshire Council shares Prosper’s ambition to create the conditions for fair, inclusive and sustainable economic growth that benefits everyone in Scotland.

Prosper has a proven ability to bring together a powerful network of influencers allowing these key representatives to work collaboratively to make Scotland a better place.

Jim Savege

Chief Executive
Aberdeenshire Council

Malcolm MacLeod, Highlands Council

Great opportunities

We are facing some challenges but also great opportunities across the public and private sector in the Highlands and Islands.

Prosper events, meetings and briefings are hugely beneficial to better help understand the bigger picture, identify collaboration opportunities and to input to national lobbying efforts. Our membership of Prosper ensures we are able to represent the public sector as part of that wider approach.

Malcolm Macleod

Depute Chief Executive
Highland Council

A great way to engage

Being a member of Prosper is a great way to engage with colleagues across the private and public sector in the Highlands and Islands and beyond.

The regional committee includes key industry leaders and provides excellent feedback on initiatives and policies which HIE is developing.

Prosper’s programme of conferences and events is another strength of the organisation, along with valued projects like its Young Engineers and Science clubs and Productivity Clubs.

Stuart Black

Chief Executive
Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Meaningful engagement with peers

At Edinburgh College, we have benefitted greatly from our Prosper membership. As well as being signposted to new resources, support and funding opportunities – we have been delighted to host and participate in Productivity Club events. These events have facilitated meaningful engagement with peers and allowed for knowledge exchange which will benefit us now, and in the future.

Rachel Connolly

Business Development Team
Edinburgh College

Bob Sanguinetti, Port of Aberdeen

Supporting members to achieve

Prosper play an important role in connecting the private and public sector, influencing policy, and supporting members to achieve their business objectives.

Bob Sanguinetti

Chief Executive
Port of Aberdeen