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12 June 2023 |

Skills Review

In a preliminary response to the Independent Review of the Skills Delivery Landscape by James Withers, Sara Thiam, Chief Executive, Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI), said:

We welcome the thorough work done by James Withers and priority that he’s given to economic transformation and learning throughout life. Our members have highlighted the need to create a more coherent and accessible system for employers and people, at a time of changes in the economy and workplaces and with universities and colleges facing acute budget challenges. We will discuss these proposals with our members and Scottish Ministers, with the shared aim of implementing a plan to better meets the skills needs of employers and people, and drive a more prosperous Scotland.”

Ms Thiam added:

“While the proposals for institutional changes have attracted most attention, we welcome inclusion of a skills wallet – a fund that individuals could access for training throughout their lives – in the report. This was an idea that we put forward in our Blueprint, Making a Good Living, and in our submission, to give people the opportunity to invest in upskilling and reskilling easily at any stage of the career, linked to a digital training record. While its introduction would face challenges identified in the report, other countries are beginning to follow this approach and our system should work to overcome them.”

SCDI’s policy Committee welcomed James Withers to their meeting earlier in the year.

Members wishing to shape further engagement with the government should contact gareth.williams@scdi.org.uk