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16 June 2023 |

Scottish Government’s Innovation Strategy

In response to the Scottish Government’s Innovation Strategy, Sara Thiam, Chief Executive, Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI), said:

SCDI helped to shape the Innovation Strategy by providing a report on the adoption and diffusion of innovation. As the hosts of Productivity Club Scotland, SCDI welcomes the commitment to a 10-year National Productivity Programme to increase the level of innovation taking place by SMEs across Scotland.

The strategy includes four programmes of action to boost Scotland’s innovation performance to the levels of the most innovative small countries in the world. The investment programme will better join-up innovation funds for businesses, oblige our public sector to be ‘main customers’ for our innovative businesses and offer more flexible support for firms to invest in innovation.”

Ms Thiam added:

“These are really welcome plans. However, as we heard time and again at our Forum event, people and partnerships are absolutely critical to deliver innovation in businesses. We must make participation in innovation possible, and exciting, in every workplace and place, from under-served communities in our cities to our remotest islands.

If we work with every Scottish business to turn on the bright light of business purpose, then we will truly spark innovation across our economy which lights up the Scottish economy on the global stage.”

Members wishing to shape further engagement with the government should contact Gareth.