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18 May 2023 |

Scottish Energy Strategy

SCDI’s comprehensive submission is generally supportive of the vision but calls for an evidence-based plan for how it will be achieved, which addresses concerns about offering timely grid connections, speeding up planning processes, accessing skilled staff and strengthening supply chains in Scotland.

The response also highlights the vital role the oil and gas industry is playing in energy transition and the risks that some proposals would increase the UK’s reliance on importing oil and gas from locations with higher production emissions and less trustworthy governments, and result in relocation of the supply chain and skills, reducing economic benefits and jobs in Scotland. Scope to better align the strategy with the National Strategy for Economic Transformation is also highlighted.

As ever our policy team strove to balance views with a firm focus on sustainable economic growth and were guided by individual members as well as points made at the SCDI Policy and North East Committees.

Read the full submission below:

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