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SCDI welcomes the publication of a National Strategy for Economic Transformation

The Scottish Government’s new National Strategy for Economic Transformation was published today. Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy, commented that “This is a unique moment and we are ready, willing and able to lead the way and ensure Scotland capitalises on the opportunity.”

The report has been written in conjunction with the Advisory Council for Economic Transformation, chaired by Forbes, and includes businesspeople, academics, economists and representatives from trade unions. Welcoming the publication, Sara Thiam, Chief Executive, SCDI said:

“The 2020s have been a maelstrom of challenges so far – from the pandemic to Brexit and supply chain disruptions to the cost-of-living crisis and energy security. The need to drive higher business productivity and for fair and clean growth to build a stronger and better economy is clear. 

We welcome the new strategy’s focus on increasing innovation and enterprise, which is needed in all sectors and places. People will judge the success of this strategy on whether they have a higher quality of life, work and environment in 10 years, and a more supportive ecosystem for potential business and social innovation. 

The emphasis on delivering collaboratively is right and is also at the core of SCDI’s mission, so we look forward to bringing together government and our members to progress the actions.”