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SCDI Responds To First Minister’s Economic Statement

Following the First Minister’s announcement on Economic Innovation (31 Aug.2017), Mark Bevan, Chief Executive of SCDI, commented:

“The First Minister’s continuing commitment to support Scotland’s immense economic potential is hugely positive and has the full backing of SCDI. We wholeheartedly support all efforts to accelerate the pace of Scotland’s economic innovation and believe that this should be backed by both investment, collaboration and long term commitments. As the economy faces up to the challenges posed by Brexit, the post-digital age and demographic change, we need to use our agility as a small, digitally enabled economy to forge future success.”

“SCDI welcomes the additional investment in economic development, but it is vital that the rural economy in particular, where many enterprises flourish, is not left behind. That’s why we are shortly to launch our call for the formation of an inclusive and dynamic Rural Commission, which can draw together relevant interests to face up to the challenges of infrastructure, connectivity and demography. It is vital that Government supports the creation of a vision for inclusive growth in rural Scotland.

“This speech is a timely reminder that Scotland’s economic strengths as a nation must be supported through the UK Government’s Industrial strategy, and that strategy must genuinely deliver for businesses and communities across Scotland.”

Responding to the First Minister’s stated ambition to drive technological and societal change, Mark Bevan continued: “Our national priority must be to deliver an economy that drives inclusive growth for every part of Scotland – growth that works for business and for wider society. For too long business success and social benefit have been seen as alternatives – we need to see them as mutually beneficial.”