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Why communities come first for Loganair

For more than 60 years, Loganair has been proudly serving our Highlands and Islands communities through good times, bad times, and everything in between. We provide worldwide connectivity, vital supplies and, most crucially, frequent year-round flights, including air ambulance aircraft.

We remain deeply committed to our island roots and now fly to more UK airports and island destinations than any other airline.

However, in recent years we have been on a new journey to become the UK’s largest regional carrier. We have also established partnerships with some of the world’s biggest airlines and offer flights throughout Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and the Isle of Man. From as far north as Shetland and down to Exeter, we are the only airline to include a luggage allowance in all fares. We offer compassionate fares, student fares, child discounts, and affordable options to take cats and dogs on our flights – a host of things that recognise the part we play in island life.

Loganair recently embarked on a new campaign encouraging travellers to visit our islands and help their recovery post-Covid. To ensure visitors tread lightly, we introduced an island visitor pledge, asking tourists to respect and protect our unique island destinations. Similar to a programme launched by Iceland tourism authorities, the pledge urges travellers to avoid using plastic bottles, keep gates closed, support local food and drink businesses, respect heritage and archaeological sites and be sensitive to wildlife, flora and fauna. This, alongside Loganair’s Greenskies Community fund, clearly confirms its commitment to the support of the environmental issues that are important to the island communities it serves.

Loganair is also a significant local employer across the Highlands and Islands, with 180 people involved in providing essential services. Loganair is a business with its heart in the local community. It always has been, and always will be – through good times, bad times, and everything in between.