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SCDI Forum Partner Blog: The Scottish National Investment Bank

The Scottish National Investment Bank is Scotland’s first development investment bank, wholly owned by the Scottish Ministers on behalf of the people of Scotland.  It was established in November 2020, is a PLC and is operationally independent from the Scottish government.

The Scottish Government has committed to capitalising the Bank with £2bn in its first 10 years.  Over time as the Bank’s initial investments are repaid, the Bank will reinvest those funds in businesses and projects – creating a perpetual investment fund to support the Scottish economy in the long term.

The Bank is an impact investor, focussed on balancing commercial returns with positive social, environmental, and economic benefits through its investments.  It invests in businesses and projects connected to Scotland to deliver long term, patient debt or equity investment where the private market is unable to provide the support businesses and projects require to grow.

The Bank’s missions are:

  • Supporting Scotland’s transition to net zero
  • Building communities and promoting equality
  • Harnessing innovation to enable our people to flourish

By May 2022, the Bank had invested in 16 projects and businesses across its missions, committing £209.4 million and leveraging over £450m of additional funding.  By working with other private and public sector partners, the Bank aims to maximise and scale mission impacts, and accelerate impact-focused investment activity in the Scottish economy.

As well as seeking alignment with its missions, the Bank also looks to ensure the promotion of equalities and fair work runs through all of its investments.  By actively pursuing these principles in their own sectors, investee companies can look to make a long-term impact that in turn helps Scotland to address the challenges it faces now and in the future.

You can find out more about the Bank here: www.thebank.scot