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This blog was written by BlueFloat Energy, Flack Renewables and Ørsted, strategic partners of Forum 2021.

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ScotWind – Scotland’s opportunity to take the global lead in floating wind technology

The current ScotWind offshore leasing round has sparked huge interest, unsurprising given Scotland’s impressive natural resources, some of the best offshore wind potential in the world and the ever more urgent focus on combatting climate change.

If we are successful in the ScotWind round, we aim to build a world leading floating offshore wind industry in Scotland. Key to achieving this aim is including the maximum amount of Scottish content possible in the offshore wind farms we build and our proposed design has been developed with a local Scottish workforce in mind.

Small scale floating offshore projects are already producing green electricity in Scotland, but to deliver the Scottish Government’s challenging net zero targets we need to scale up our ambition. The expertise of our team, combining Ørsted’s decades of experience delivering offshore wind around the world with pioneers of floating wind technology at BlueFloat Energy, will be key to scaling up the industry, bringing costs down and developing world leading skills and knowledge in the workforce.

As with all new technologies, a skilled and motivated workforce is integral to success. Scotland has an excellent track record with oil and gas of developing and scaling up an industry. We’re working with organisations across Scotland to ensure we have a fully trained workforce ready for construction to begin.

We are totally committed to ensuring the benefits of floating offshore wind are enjoyed by the whole of Scotland and replicating Falck Renewables’ long-standing approach of sharing the value from its onshore wind farms with the communities where it operates. Our recently announced partners, community ownership experts Energy4All, are currently carrying out a consultation with communities around Scotland to find out how they could best be involved.