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SCDI Forum Partner Blog: ACCA Global

Susan Love, Strategic Engagement Lead for ACCA in Scotland

Dealing with unfathomable global challenges has become part of the day job for senior leaders, whether in government or business. While the pandemic prompted many of us to question what really matters to us as individuals; as professionals it’s easy to become caught up in the ‘permacrisis’ and lose sight of our organisation’s purpose.

We support members working in accountancy and finance around the globe, mindful of our founding mission of being a force for public good – leading our profession by creating opportunity. But in this tumultuous world, as people demand more from businesses and organisations, we’ve thought afresh about the role of accountants, as professional advisors to communities, economies and government.

You might never have thought about the role our profession plays in your organisation but, from local economies to global organisations, here are seven ways we will help create a better world.

  1. We’ll act as ‘super connectors’ for resilient economies, working between businesses, governments, regulators, international development and partners to develop international trade and good governance.
  2. Our training, underpinned by strict international ethical rules will help us create future finance leaders – through accessible, relevant, flexible training available to everyone, everywhere.
  3. We’ll drive sustainable business by leading the development, integration and reporting of actions to reduce emissions.
  4. As trusted advisers to businesses, large and small, we’re there to drive better business practice and support our entrepreneurial ambitions.
  5. Ethics and trust are at the heart of our profession – we use this to restore faith in institutions by pushing private and public organisations to operate transparently and responsibly.
  6. Using our skills in analysis and scrutiny of data and finance we provide a fresh lens to governments as public sectors around the world seek to make more effective public policy and spending decisions.
  7. We’ll keep advocating for standards and regulation through sharing our learning between nations and championing global reporting standards that a fair, thriving, ethical world needs.

I know we’re committed to playing our part to deliver upon our shared ambition of a fairer, greener Scotland, or put another way, ‘mon the accountants!