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This blog is written by Hamish Trench, Chief Executive, Scottish Land Commission. Scottish Land Commission are an Associate Partner for the SCDI Forum 2020.

We need to rethink the way we own, manage and use land to create a robust and resilient wellbeing economy. Even before COVID-19, Scotland had started leading a shift towards this, but enabling all to participate and benefit from a fair distribution of wealth, health and power is now even more vital. Land matters in this simply because we all need and use it.

Land underpins our economy in practical ways: meeting our housing need, transforming vacant sites in the heart of communities, meeting our climate targets, or simply giving people the means and confidence to build businesses and functioning communities. Changing the way we use land is key to meeting our ambitious national climate targets for 2030, to be on track for a net zero economy by 2045.

In the Land Commission’s new three-year Strategic Plan we are focused on how Scotland can meet these ambitions through reforming land rights, embedding responsible land ownership and use, and reforming land markets. As part of a just transition, we must meet the pace and scale of change needed in ways that are fair and create opportunities.

The Land Commission is delighted to be participating in the Forum to share in discussion and connect ideas on Scotland’s recovery and renewal, empowering people and communities to bring about positive change.