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SCDI Calls for continued commitment to A96 upgrade

Writing to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson, the Scottish Council for Development and Industry have urged the Scottish Government to hold to its commitment to upgrade to the A96.

In their letter, jointly signed by the Chairs of SCDI’s Highlands and Islands, and North East Committees, along with the Chair of their Rural Commission, SCDI highlights the importance of completing the road upgrade stating “ This upgrade not only delivers a new trunk road fit for purpose but will unblock the communities it currently cuts through, freeing up new opportunities to enhance these town centres, improve safety, increase air quality, and put pedestrians at the top of transport hierarchy.”

The letter goes on to say “As we look to tackle climate change, we need to ensure that the right decisions are taken to connect our cities and towns, and support those living and working in rural areas. Addressing inadequate road infrastructure in the north of Scotland should not be a casualty at the hands of those who have long since benefited from transport investment.”

Commenting on the letter SCDI’s Highlands and Islands Director, Fraser Grieve, said:

“We need to look closely at how we respond to the pressing issue of our transition to a low carbon future, but it’s vital that as we make that journey we don’t leave areas of the country behind. The upgrading of the A96 is an important piece in seeing connectivity between Scotland’s seven cities fit for the future and will see major benefits for the communities, businesses and exporters, along this corridor who will benefit from reduced journey times and increased journey reliability on this key route.”

Concluding SCDI’s North East Director, Ian Armstrong, added:

“We welcome, and have been supportive of, the Scottish Government’s long standing commitment to upgrade the A96 and recognise the benefits this will bring to the economy across the North, and Scotland more widely. We hope that they remain committed to the delivery of this important project.”