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November 2023

Expanding DBT export support in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Prosper responded to the Department for Business and Trade’s consultation of ‘Expanding DBT Support in Scotland’. DBT is extending one-to-one export support to Scotland in the form of International Trade Advisors. This has previously been available in the English regions. The consultation asked how this new resource should be deployed. In our submission to DBT, Prosper recommended that:

  • Support should be extended in a way that complements Scottish Development International’s export support and avoids duplication
  • DBT ITAs can add value by helping to grow the base of exporting businesses ready for more intensive support
  • Deployment of the ITAs in Scotland should be mapped to the SE, HIE and SOSE enterprise network areas
  • Prosper and its Productivity Clubs Scotland network, Chambers of Commerce and trade associations can support peer-to-peer learning
  • ITAs should deployed in a way that provides a combination of a sectoral and regional approach depending on the strengths of the region
  • There should be flexibility in the support offer and duration which takes into account a business’s experience and sectoral and market challenges
  • ITAs can effectively support businesses through increasing their capability, knowledge and contacts
  • ITAs can feedback priorities for Free Trade Agreements to DBT and information on barriers in the UK to growth by UK exporters

Prosper’s International Business Committee recently discussed the consultation with UK Export Minister Lord Offord of Garvel and DBT officials.

Download PDF (188.68 KB)