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14 February 2024 |

Remembering Martin Bell

We were devastated to learn that Martin Bell, former colleague, Chair of our International Business Committee (IBC), and Deputy Director for Trade, Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), has died after a short illness. Martin was a member of our policy team for three years until 2004, and, among his many personal qualities, was renowned for his intelligence, thoughtfulness and dry wit.

He then joined the SWA, specialising in external trade policy and assuming leadership roles internationally, but he remained a familiar face and friend for everyone in our community.

Martin was instrumental in the formation our new IBC in 2021, and led its work and visit to Brussels last year with his customary wisdom, commitment and companionship. At their meeting last week, members of the IBC expressed the highest esteem in which Martin was held by them all. He will be greatly missed across the Prosper family and among his many friends beyond our country.

Prosper is in touch with the SWA to convey our deepest sympathies to Martin’s family and colleagues.