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Company Logos

To ensure that all logos displayed on our platform maintain high-quality standards and consistency, we kindly request all contributors to adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

Resolution and Size

To ensure logos look their best in all contexts, adhere to these specifications:

  • Vector Format: Whenever possible, submit logos in vector format (e.g., AI, EPS, SVG) to ensure scalability without loss of quality.
  • Raster Format: If vector is not available, provide high-resolution raster images (PNG, JPEG) at a minimum of 1920×1080 pixels.


Logos must be versatile for use on various backgrounds:

  • Transparent Background: Submit logos with a transparent background (in formats like PNG or SVG) for flexibility in placement.
  • Solid Background: If relevant, also include versions on a solid white or black background.

Speaker Images

When submitting headshot’s and portrait style photos for Prosper events please follow the below photography guide to ensure a professional and high quality representation is achieved in the promotion of events.

Images should be a minimum of 1200 x 1200 pixels and a suitable resolution to not appear blurry or pixelated. 

A public domain image my be used in place if a suitable image cannot be provided.

Acceptable File Formats

  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • WEBP

Unacceptable Formats

  • Images embedded in documents
  • GIF
  • Cropped
  • Black & White images
Unacceptable Formats

Low Resolution

Images below 1200 x 1200 pixels: Such images often appear pixelated or blurry, especially when viewed on high-resolution displays.

Poor Lighting Conditions

Overexposed or underexposed images: Photos that are too bright or too dark can obscure details and reduce the overall quality of the image.
Harsh shadows: Images where the speaker’s features are obscured by strong shadows.

Inappropriate Backgrounds

Cluttered or distracting backgrounds: Backgrounds that draw attention away from the speaker.

Unprofessional settings: Locations that don’t convey a professional image or are irrelevant to the speaker’s context.

Black and white/mono: Images should be submitted in colour

Incorrect Framing

Cut-off images: Images where part of the speaker’s head or essential features are cut off from the frame.

File Format and Size Issues

Non-standard file formats: Images submitted in formats other than JPEG or PNG.