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7 April 2020 | Economy

Your COVID-19 priorities and asks


Your COVID-19 priorities and asks

We know that these are hugely uncertain and challenging times for all our members across Scotland.

We’ve been listening to you to understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on you and your business or organisation, your sector and your community or region as we harness your collective voice to inform government action.

Here’s what you told us:

Your priorities


  • Major concerns from many members across most sectors about their immediate cash flow, liquidity and viability.
  • Urgent need for government and lenders to provide greater and more flexible financial support which is easy to access and injected into economy as quickly as possible.
  • Urgent need to close gaps and resolve anomalies in support announced to date.
  • Need for more consistent guidance, coordination and messaging to employers and workers from UK Government and Scottish Government.


  • Concerns from all members across all sectors about impact of COVID-19, ‘lockdown’ and disruption on physical and mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.
  • Need for government and employers to provide better and more flexible support (in short- and long-term).


  • Looking beyond the crisis to the ‘next normal’ for our society and our economy.
  • Need to consider how the way we live, work and do business will (or should) change.
  • Need to maintain industrial capacity for a strong recovery – and to consider what kind of recovery Scotland wants.

Your asks of government

  • UK Government, Scottish Government, local authorities, public agencies and banks should accelerate injection of grants, reliefs and loans into businesses and economy.
  • UK Government and Scottish Government should coordinate clarity and consistency of guidance to employers and workers throughout crisis.
  • UK Government should extend commitment to reimburse all Statutory Sick Pay due to COVID-19 from SMEs to all employers (esp. Health & Social Care employers).
  • Scottish Government should develop tailored grants and reliefs packages for key sectors ineligible for current support (Food & Drink, Manufacturing etc.).
  • UK Government should extend Self-Employed Income Support Scheme to recently self-employed and self-employed working for their own companies.

We’re working closely with the UK Government and the Scottish Government to ensure that your priorities and asks closely inform their policy response.

You can download the full COVID-19 Member Briefing below.

You can also contact us with further views, feedback or issues at views@prosper.scot.