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5 September 2019 | Digital

SCDI launches Big Data & Health Economy research project

SCDI has launched a new research project, which will explore how Scotland can better utilise health & social care data to improve the nation’s health and wealth, with a call to action for SCDI members to get involved.

The Big Data & Health Economy research project aims to identify the actions which government, the NHS, industry and other stakeholders must take to ensure that Scotland does not miss the opportunity presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution to drive increased social and economic prosperity.

‘Data is the new oil’

As Chris van der Kuyl, Chairman of 4J Studios, the world-leading creators of Minecraft, asserted at a SCDI Seminar earlier this year: “Data is the new oil.” Data will fuel the global economy of the future.

Quality health & social care data can be utilised, for example, to monitor the effectiveness of medicines and other interventions with potentially transformative impact for patients.

Collaborating with our partners

To chart the way forward, SCDI has launched our Big Data & Health Economy research project in collaboration with our partners at Janssen Cilag Ltd, The Data Lab, ABPI Scotland, the University of Strathclyde and the Scottish Government.

Our vision is of higher levels of social and economic prosperity in Scotland – from saving lives and improving public health, to creating high skill, high pay jobs – fuelled by ethical and secure data-driven insights, innovation and investment.

Public awareness of data privacy and data security issues has increased in recent years. We are clear that personal health data should only be for use by the NHS. Robust governance arrangements should be in place to ensure privacy, security and custodianship by the NHS and patients.

An ambitious, action-focused report will be published later in 2019. Its conclusions and recommendations will be of interest and value to political leaders, policymakers, industry, clinicians and citizens alike.

Get involved

Now we want to hear your perspectives and insights.

We will be holding three Focus Groups on key themes identified by the project partners to gather your views and evidence. SCDI members from all sectors and all geographies are invited to participate.

Please register on Eventbrite via the links below:

Steering Group

The Steering Group for the project reflects the key stakeholders of government & the public sector, industry, academia, and data professionals & innovation centres. Its members are as follows:

  • Alison Culpan, Director, ABPI Scotland
  • Sharon Donnelly, Senior Policy Executive, Economic Development Directorate, Scottish Government
  • Fiona Hamill, Government & Policy Manager, Scotland, Janssen Cilag
  • David Kelly, Policy Manager, SCDI
  • Matt Lancashire, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, SCDI
  • Roma Maguire, Professor of Digital Health and Care, The University of Strathclyde
  • Jude McCorry, Head of Business Development, The Data Lab
  • Andrew McGuigan, Head of Healthcare Strategy, Janssen Cilag
  • Steph Wright, Programme Manager, The Data Lab

The role of the Steering Group is guidance and oversight of the project. Members will draw on their strategic and policy insight, expertise, knowledge and experience to support the SCDI Project Team in developing the final report’s conclusions and recommendations.

Its conclusions and recommendations will be determined by the Steering Group and informed by SCDI’s Board, Policy Committee, wider membership and policy positions.

Further information

Please contact: David Kelly, Policy Manager, david.kelly@prosper.scot.