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5 May 2020 | Scotland’s Future

Help us build Scotland’s Green Recovery

Our Clean Growth Leadership Group is exploring how Scotland can increase prosperity and reduce emissions on the road to net-zero. Tackling climate change presents challenges and opportunities for delivering a Just Transition that supports inclusive growth and reduces inequalities.

Building Back Better

The current crisis also presents significant new challenges and opportunities to accelerate our progress towards net-zero. The next few months, as we begin to move from ‘Respond’ to ‘Restart’ and ‘Recover’, will be crucial.

We believe that Scotland can build a Green Recovery from COVID-19 which helps our economy, our society and our environment recover in a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient way.

Your ideas for a Green Recovery

So, we are now developing our recommendations for kick-starting Scotland’s Green Recovery, which we’ll publish this summer. And we want to hear your ideas about how to achieve it.

What are the immediate- or short-term actions which government, business, industry, regulators and other stakeholders need to take? What does your business, organisation or sector need to help you survive, thrive and decarbonise?

Our member survey

Let us know by completing our member survey and help us build Scotland’s Green Recovery: