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20 May 2019 | Infrastructure, Transport


SCDI supports Workplace Parking Levy amendment

As part of its scrutiny of the Transport (Scotland) Bill, the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee of the Scottish Parliament consulted on an SNP- and Green-backed amendment which would give local authorities the power to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy.

Our response to the Committee drew on the ambitions and conclusions of SCDI’s Connectivity Commission report, which evidenced the economic, technological and environmental opportunities and need for modal shift and improved transport connectivity.

SCDI agreed that local authorities should have the power to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy, however:

  • Proposals must be based on wide consultation with employers and careful planning;
  • A levy will not be appropriate in every area;
  • The purpose of any levy should be:
    • accelerating modal shift away from single occupancy journeys by private car,
    • supporting investment in public transport infrastructure, and
    • delivering related economic, environmental and health benefits;
  • If designed and implemented appropriately, the levy could:
    • reduce traffic congestion, local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,
    • provide funds to help improve sustainable and active travel facilities, and
    • encourage car commuters to switch to walking, cycling, bus or rail;
  • The levy should not discriminate against either the private sector or the public sector.

You can read the full submission below.