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30 October 2019 | Skills & People

CONSULTATION RESPONSE: Migration Advisory Committee


Migration Advisory Committee – Future Migration Policy and Salary Thresholds Review

Earlier this year, the UK Government instructed the independent Migration Advisory Committee to conduct a review of the proposed system of salary thresholds for skilled workers in the UK after its withdrawal from the European Union.

Informed by ongoing dialogue with our members and by the views and evidence gathered by our Rural Commission, our Skills & Employability Leadership Group and at our Future of Migration Policy Summit in March 2019, SCDI developed our response the consultation on behalf of our members.

In summary, our submission makes the following key points:

  • Immigration has been good for Scotland’s economy and society. Migrant workers and their families make a positive and important contribution to our businesses and our communities.
  • Scotland should remain an open, inclusive and globally connected country, regardless of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
  • The current immigration system is complex, costly, unwelcoming and inconsistent. Simplification and digitisation of processes is urgently required to help individuals, families and employers.
  • There should not be a minimum salary threshold above the legal requirement of the National Minimum Wage.
  • There should flexibility across the nations and regions of the UK to reflect lower wages and a shrinking working-age population in Scotland, in addition to the distorting effect of labour market conditions in London and the South East of England.
  • A differentiated migration system for Scotland within the UK framework would facilitate increased inward migration into Scotland to better meet the needs of Scottish employers and better address our wider demographic challenges.

You can download our full response below.