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7 May 2019 | Infrastructure

CONSULTATION RESPONSE: Infrastructure Commission for Scotland

SCDI responds to the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland’s Call for Evidence

The Infrastructure Commission for Scotland was established in 2018 by the Scottish Government to provide an independent assessment of the long-term strategy for infrastructure to meet our future social and economic needs.

The Commission will provide advice to Scottish Ministers on strategic priorities, early foundation investments to drive increased inclusive economic growth, the just transition to a low-carbon economy and the delivery of infrastructure projects.

SCDI consulted widely with our members, partners and stakeholders across all sectors and all geographies of the Scottish economy to inform our response to the Commission’s Initial Call for Evidence and Contributions.

SCDI’s submission notes the importance of world-class infrastructure for facilitating business activity and growth; supporting the delivery of public services; delivering Place-making; and as a key factor in attracting investors, entrepreneurs, workers, academics, students and visitors to Scotland.

Consumer, business, demographic and tech trends will also change and increase demand for enhanced digital and transport connectivity and for housing, health & social care and energy infrastructure.

Our submission highlights three key areas as investment priorities for Scotland going forward:

  • Digital connectivity and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, as previously discussed in our Automatic… For the People? report (2018);
  • Smart, integrated, low-/zero-carbon mass transit systems, as previously discussed in our Scotland’s Big Mo report (2018); and,
  • Resilience and climate change mitigation/adaptation across all infrastructure categories to manage social and environmental change and to reduce disruption.

You can download the full submission below.