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9 December 2019 | Economy

CONSULTATION RESPONSE: Crown Estate Scotland’s Draft Corporate Plan


Crown Estate Scotland’s Draft Corporate Plan 2020-23

Crown Estate Scotland manages land and property across the country, working with people and organisations to ensure that its assets are managed in a sustainable way that creates prosperity for Scotland and its communities. It has launched a consultation calling for views on its draft Corporate Plan for 2020-23.

SCDI welcomes the draft Corporate Plan and strongly supports a number of its key proposals, including support for the expansion of Scotland’s Blue Economy; attracting greater levels of offshore wind investment; developing the built environment to strengthen businesses; and working more closely with coastal communities.

In addition, our submission makes the following key points:

  • Crown Estate Scotland should build on its strong record of engaging with stakeholders and representatives from all sectors.
  • Crown Estate Scotland should continue to take a long-term view of its investments in its property, its people and the natural resources for which it has responsibility to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
  • Crown Estate Scotland should consider how it can provide greater support for regeneration and economic development in places that need investment most, which includes a number of deprived coastal communities across Dumfries & Galloway, Fife, North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire.
  • Crown Estate Scotland should be linked more closely to the development of Growth Deal projects across Scotland – including the Ayrshire, Borderlands and Moray Growth Deals – and other opportunities for growing the Blue Economy.