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1 October 2020 | Scotland’s Future

Call for Views: Our Clean Growth future


Call for Views: Scotland’s Clean Growth future

We want your help to shape Scotland’s Clean Growth future as we kick off Phase 2 of our Clean Growth Leadership Group project.

Phase 1: Green Recovery from COVID-19

We published an interim report in June, our Green Recovery plan for Scotland. It called on the Scottish Government and the UK Government to take action to kick-start the economy, create new green jobs and accelerate our progress to net-zero.

So far, we’ve successfully pushed for greater investment in, for example, reskilling and upskilling, active travel and energy efficiency.

But there’s still more to do. We need to respond to the Climate Emergency with the same urgency as the public health emergency of COVID-19.

Phase 2: Clean Growth to Net Zero

In Phase 2, we’re looking beyond the immediate economic challenges of the current crisis towards the economic opportunities of our journey to Net Zero.

We believe in Clean Growth. This means strengthening social and economic prosperity while reducing carbon emissions and increasing sustainability. It means helping Scottish businesses to create new green jobs, boost productivity and grow sustainably as they decarbonise their products, services and operations.

We’ll publish a report before the end of 2020 which highlights Scotland’s key economic opportunities for Clean Growth – and what we need to do to maximise them.

But we need your help!

Our questions

What do you think are Scotland’s key Clean Growth opportunities? Which investments, regulations or interventions would help your business, organisation, community or sector to decarbonise and grow sustainably?

We’re looking at 7 key themes – and asking 7 key questions – in Phase 2:

  • PEOPLE: How can Scotland launch a Green Skills Revolution which helps our workforce to reskill and upskill to compete for and thrive in the green jobs of the future?
  • PLACE: How can Scotland transform our communities to make them more sustainable, more equal and more resilient?
  • CONNECTIVITY: How can Scotland become better connected domestically and globally as a large country on the geographic periphery of Europe?
  • ENERGY: How can Scotland test, develop and export Net Zero technological innovations to remain a global leader in the transition to green energy?
  • INDUSTRY: How can Scotland decarbonise our industries to boost sustainability, increase competitiveness and attract inward investment?
  • NATURE: How can Scotland protect our natural environment and reverse biodiversity loss to help us to sustainably harness our land, sea and air?
  • FINANCE: How can Scotland stimulate private sector investment in green infrastructure and nature-based solutions to fund the transition to Net Zero?

Have your say

We’re calling on all SCDI members, partners and stakeholders to have their say to shape our report and its recommendations.

There are several ways to participate:

  • Complete our Online Survey
  • Submit your views or evidence to views@prosper.scot
  • Email views@prosper.scot to arrange a conversation with one of the team

** Please note that the Call for Views will close at 5pm on Friday 30 October **

We look forward to hearing from you!

*Partners support the reports of the Clean Leadership Group and provide extensive input to shape them. However, individual recommendations cannot be attributed to any single partner. SCDI takes full responsibility for the content and recommendations of all associated reports and publications.