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13 June 2023 |

New Deal for Business – Wellbeing Economy Update

The Scottish Government’s New Deal for Business, designed to involve businesses at the early stage of policy development, is focussing on developing a shared awareness of business priorities, developing the best environment to do business, enhanced partnership working and businesses’ contribution to the wellbeing economy.

The New Deal is to be developed by 5 subgroups based on the 5 NSET pillars, which bring in representatives from the wider business community.

SCDI has been working with Muckle Media and BITC to shape the recommendations of the Wellbeing Economy sub-group. Meeting on 31 May and 8 June, the sub-group was able to draw on the expertise of a wide range of businesses, from the largest multi-national corporations to family farms and everything in between. We’re grateful to SCDI members and those who have been involved in the Business Purpose Commission for their contributions.

The sub-group has had to work at pace to develop recommendations for next steps and plan to present to the New Deal for Business Group on 19 June.

SCDI is keen to ensure the sub-groups are informed by SCDI members expertise and members who feel they have something to bring to any or all of the sub-groups are invited to contact Sara.