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30 May 2023 |

New Deal for Business – Member views sought

Our members’ expertise coupled with an approach which generates new ideas by bringing government, business and civil society together ensures SCDI remains a trusted, independent voice.

The Scottish Government’s New Deal for Business, designed to involve businesses at the early stage of policy development, is focussing on developing a shared awareness of business priorities, developing the best environment to do business, enhanced partnership working and businesses’ contribution to the wellbeing economy.

Members of the group are being asked to work with government to identify processes to improve regulation and to reach agreement on how government can better work with industry at the earliest stage of policy development. SCDI’s approach has been to develop its own 10-year vision with our members and partners to inform the government’s strategy. Progress in achieving the asks set out in our 2030 Blueprint Making a Good Living is reflected in our latest annual report but we were delighted to note the inclusion of several SCDI ideas in the Scottish Government’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET). In recent months we’ve emphasised the need to deliver on NSET priorities, through our membership of the skills and productivity NSET delivery groups.

The enhanced operation and administration of Non-Domestic Rates is another area where government is keen to work with industry as is the collation and sharing of key metrics across sectors to inform sector strategies with enterprise agencies, Skills Development Scotland and local government.

The New Deal is to be developed by 5 subgroups based on the 5 NSET pillars, which bring in representatives from the wider business community.

Building on the work of the Business Purpose Commission, SCDI is to co-chair the Wellbeing Economy group with Lewis Hedge, Deputy Director, Fair Work and Labour Market Strategy with input from BITC & Muckle Media. The Business Purpose Commission presents the business case for taking a purpose-led approach and sets out practical actions to help businesses ‘solve the problems of people and planet profitably’ with examples of Scottish Businesses leading the way. The Commission, believed to be a world first work has attracted international interest and we have been discussing with the Government of Canada the creation of a similar Commission there. The Scottish Government put the Commission’s recommendations at the heart of business support and highlighted the growth and innovation which could be achieved with a greater focus on Scotland’s economic and social challenges in January 2023. The first meeting of the Wellbeing Economy group will take place on Wednesday 31 June from, 11-12 via Microsoft Teams. Those interested in attending should RSVP to Gordon.Struth@gov.scot by Tuesday 30 May at 1200.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is to lead the regulation sub-group with Scotland Food and Drink taking forward communication and partnership with business on policy development. 

The Minister for Public Finance and Migration of Scotland, Tom Arthur MSP will co-chair the Non Domestic Rates group with Scottish Chambers and input from the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) whilst Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) takes on sharing data across sectors/organisations.

SCDI is keen to ensure the sub-groups are informed by SCDI members expertise and members who feel they have something to bring to any or all of the sub-groups are invited to contact Clare.