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Launch of Eco’s EcoMetrix carbon accounting platform at Eco Hq in Annan. Left to right. Eddie Black Managing Director of Eco Group with Dr Martin Valenti, Nature and Entrepreneurship at South of Scotland Enterprise. 12th May 2023 Photograph Jonathan Becker

Tell us more about Eco Group and how it started?

Led by founder and MD Eddie Black, Eco has grown from a dry ice blast cleaning business to an innovative, multi-disciplined solutions business which operates across the UK in diverse sectors and industries.

From its impressive, self-built, 3,000-square-metre HQ in Annan, Eco companies offer an array of innovative products and services tailored to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, public sector, and residential customers.

What are Eco Group’s missions and how do these influence your activities?

Eco’s ambition is to make a profound and positive difference in people’s lives and have a significant sustainable global impact.

Eco helps businesses and organisations to lead in Net Zero – the next industrial revolution, creating new, sustainable jobs and sectors for future generations.

Boldly innovating, fearlessly leading, Eco is an environment where visionaries thrive. The team works with clients on their problem statements and provides solutions. They love working with businesses and organisations who share Eco’s ethos.

How do you see your focus changing in the future?

“In order to succeed in business you have to look to the future, take risks and make the most of the opportunities which come your way. If you don’t, then someone else will.”

That’s the mantra of Eddie Black, Eco’s Founder and Managing Director.

Eco’s ambition is to build on its forward-thinking and motivated team who inspire confidence and trust in its clients and suppliers and help all those businesses and organisations it works with to enjoy a successful and sustainable future.

What, if any, barriers are you facing at the moment and what are the opportunities for growth?

The UK doesn’t always act fast enough when there are new opportunities which will bring growth and prosperity to its door. There is slow acceptance of innovation and a lack of frameworks to encourage innovation. This means UK industry can have a fear of failure, rather than seeing it as a vital component of innovation and the learning process. Scotland has a real opportunity to lead the way in areas such as Net Zero and Cyber Security which will bring investment and skilled jobs to our regions and communities. Eco would like to see the country take a global view – and see how other nations around the world embrace opportunities, acting fast on policies and planning to pave the way for innovations which will bring prosperity.

If our members want to know more, how do they get in touch?

Eco is always delighted to welcome visitors who are interested in how we might learn from each other or do business together to its HQ.

How does membership of Prosper bring value to your work?

Eco’s strategy, purpose, and ethos fully aligns with Prosper’s focus on Investment, Productivity, Skilled Workforce, Business Purpose, Net Zero and Place-Based Growth.

Being a member of Prosper enables Eco Group to gain insight into opportunities and strategic direction; helps build relationships and connections, and gives us a shared voice to influence decision makers especially on growth opportunities for the South of Scotland and the country as a whole.