Looking to the future is embedded in Prosper’s DNA. Innovative thinking is central to how we as a country respond to current and future challenges.

Assessing the risks and opportunities presented by global trends in society, the economy, technology and the environment is at the very heart of our work.

Business Purpose Commission

The world-first report, Now Is The Time for Purpose: Putting Purpose at the Heart of Scottish Business, by the Business Purpose Commission for Scotland.

Scotland’s future

Prosper takes the long view. What’s happening in the here and now remains a priority for us and our members, but to create a country which is fit for coming decades, we must always look ahead.


Prosper inspires, instigates and influences change for the better. Our thought leadership inspires alternative approaches to emerging socio-economic and environmental trends here in Scotland, and further afield.


The urgent need to tackle the global climate crisis means that Prosper is committed to supporting all efforts to tackle the emergency both here in Scotland and beyond.


Using our in-depth expertise and research capabilities, we scan global and local economic trends to assess how these may affect Scotland’s health, wealth and wellbeing


We recognise the pressing imperative to address the transition to a digital society, grow our economy and work rapidly towards net zero.

Purposeful business

As the home of purpose-led business, Prosper’s members share ambitions for growth and prosperity, which go beyond profit alone.

Trade & Investment

Ensuring Scotland plays its part in the wider world is a critical part of our heritage and ongoing ambitions.


For us, learning is not just about formal education and qualifications, but also about skills development and learning across a whole lifetime.


Our members come from all corners of the country and contribute a deep and critical understanding of how the distinct areas of Scotland work.