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4 October 2023 | Transport

SCDI responds to HS2 Link announcement

“This is a very short-sighted decision that will undermine work to increase business investment and prosperity in the north of UK and the UK’s international competitiveness.” said Gareth Williams, Head of Policy.

“Scottish business and cities have supported the economic and environmental benefits of HS2. The decision to truncate it in the south actually risks making Scotland’s connectivity with London worse.

“The lead recommendation in the UK Government’s own Union Connectivity Review was to reduce journey times and increase rail capacity between Scotland, London, the Midlands and the North West of England. Without new track, it identified heavy constraints on the number of services, journey speeds and reliability – making it less likely that people will travel by rail over air, or that freight will be switched from road to rail.

“The projects announced instead will – if they are delivered – not generate anywhere near the same economic and environmental benefits for Scotland.

“However, the Prime Minister’s commitment to invest in the A75 will support economic development in the south of Scotland, and we look forward to details from the UK and Scottish governments.”