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16 August 2023 |

Highlands & Islands Awards Partner Blog: ALVANCE British Aluminium

Shaping a sustainable legacy for the future

Since its inception in 1929, ALVANCE British Aluminium has been an integral part of the community, contributing to Scotland’s industrial landscape and fostering a legacy of innovation and sustainability. As we proudly gear up for the SCDI Highlands and Islands Awards, let’s take a closer look at our journey and the values that set us apart.

A History with Strong Community Ties

For nearly a century, ALVANCE British Aluminium’s Lochaber assets has woven itself into the fabric of Scotland’s industrial heritage. From the heart of our operations to the vitality of our local communities, our story is one of growth, resilience and collaboration.

Empowering Sustainable Progress

Boasting a capacity of 48,000 tonnes, ALVANCE British Aluminium stands as the last operational smelter in the UK. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, as evidenced by our impressively low carbon footprint amongst world aluminium producers. Our parent company, GFG Alliance, has set ambitious targets to be carbon neutral by 2030, and a cornerstone of this ambition is our partnership with our sister company SIMEC Lochaber Hydropower, which supplies us with clean energy harnessed from their hydro power scheme. This synergy not only underscores our commitment to our carbon footprint but also showcases the strength of collaboration within our group.

Investing in a Greener Tomorrow

Our aspirations for a better future are reflected in our upcoming investments. ALVANCE British Aluminium is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint further by launching a cutting-edge recycling and billet facility. This state-of-the-art facility will harness both pre and post-consumer scrap, taking us another step closer to achieving our sustainability goals.

Alvance British Aluminium is the UK's only aluminium smelter and is powered by GFG Alliance's hydro-electric station located on the slopes of Ben Nevis.

Jahama Highland Estates: A Testament to Our Values

Our dedication to the environment doesn’t stop at our industrial assets. Under the banner of Jahama Highland Estates, we manage a large rural estate that bolsters our green credentials. From peatland restoration to woody debris projects aimed at enhancing biodiversity in the upper catchment of the river Spey, our initiatives mirror our commitment to holistic sustainability.

A Tapestry of Collaborative Success

The tapestry of ALVANCE British Aluminium’s success is woven from threads of our people, our community, and our stakeholders. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach, fostering an ecosystem where ideas are shared, progress is celebrated and our legacy of innovation persists.

As we stand on the brink of the SCDI Scottish Awards, we’re reminded of the enduring connection between ALVANCE British Aluminium and the values we hold dear. From our history and legacy to our sustainability milestones and visionary investments, we look forward to a future that’s not just about aluminium production, but about shaping a better world for all.

If you are interested in knowing more about our diverse business and excellent career opportunities across our aluminium, hydro and rural estate assets, please contact colleen.maclean@alvancegroup.com