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ALVANCE is GFG Alliance’s integrated aluminium business, which brings together assets across the aluminium supply chain – from raw materials through to semi-finished components.

With a total current capacity of 332,000 tonnes of primary aluminium produced per annum, ALVANCE owns and operates Europe’s largest Aluminium smelter situated in Dunkerque, France, as well as the only smelter in the United Kingdom – ALVANCE British Aluminium. Powered entirely by sustainable hydro energy, ALVANCE British Aluminium is also one of the worlds greenest sites for primary production. ALVANCE’s downstream portfolio includes Aluminium Duffel, Europe’s pioneer in Automotive Body Sheet (ABS) manufacturer. Plans are also well advanced to add value to the primary metal from Lochaber Smelter and to add significant quantities of high quality recycled aluminium to build a 100,00 TPS extrusion billet plant.

Taking advantage of the exponential growth in the use of aluminium in a host of consumer goods and industries – from packaging to vehicles and transportation and other engineered products – the Alliance is seeking to further integrate its operations through the supply chain in the next few years to drive synergies and profitability.

As one of the most recyclable metals in use today, aluminium is increasingly being produced through the use of renewable energy and the introduction of new technologies and recycling methods. It was therefore a natural step for GFG Alliance’s Chairman Sanjeev Gupta to extend GFG’s CN30 initiative to the ALVANCE brand and aluminium production. The business sees this as a key opportunity to grow its interests but also expand profitability in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.