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15 December 2023 |

Green Heat Finance Taskforce report identifies routes to decarbonise polluting heating systems

This Taskforce Report aims to stimulate discussion around how best to develop the range of financing options that we see as being important in delivering the significant transformation of heating in buildings that will be necessary to achieve the Scottish Government’s Net Zero targets. It offers analysis of the current situation and commentary on the measures which could help increase the demand for retrofitting, along with providing recommendations to support scaling of financial products to service the increase in demand for energy efficiency and zero direct emissions heating (ZDEH) systems that will be required over the second half of the decade and beyond.

Top down view of terraced houses and urban roads

December 2023

Green Heat Finance Taskforce: Interim Report – November 2023

Green Heat Finance Taskforce: Interim Report – November 2023

Prosper Chief Executive Sara Thiam is co-chair of the Green Heat Finance Taskforce. The initial report led by the Scottish Government focuses on solutions which will allow individual property owners to access finance to cover the upfront costs for replacing polluting heating with clean heat solutions.

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