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Green Action Trust builds on SCDI findings to call for a legacy from COP26

The Green Action Trust published a new discussion paper in November highlighting the practical steps that can regenerate our environment, help meet climate targets and secure a legacy from COP26.

The paper Building a legacy from COP26: Net Zero, Holistic Climate Action and Nature-Based Solutions draws on findings from the Scottish Council for Development and Industry on the readiness of Scottish organisations for Net Zero.

It discusses the practical steps towards decarbonisation through place-based policy and environmental regeneration and highlights the role of the Green Action Trust working in collaboration with organisations across the public, private and third sectors to deliver meaningful climate actions.

In a call to action, the paper states that securing a legacy from COP26 will hinge upon collaboration on climate actions between individuals, organisations and delivery experts, including the Trust, and that it is possible to turn big ideas into meaningful actions across the country.

Clare Reid Director of Policy and Public Affairs at SCDI support the aims of the paper saying:

“Getting to net zero is one of the biggest challenges we face in Scotland. This research tells us that whilst levels of awareness of the need to take steps is high and a good proportion of businesses already know their carbon footprint, only a third are happy that they are ready to make the change. Knowing where to look for guidance is a challenge for many and in SCDI’s Manifesto for Clean Growth we recommended that educators, government agencies and employers improve access to tools to allow SMEs to increase their work-based learning around these critical subjects. However, a lack of information isn’t the only barrier to change and more work is also needed to better understand what else is needed to galvanize more businesses into action on the net zero challenge”