Prosper is the brand name of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI), a Private Limited Company by guarantee without a share capital.

We are managed by a Chief Executive, Senior Management team and staff team, and overseen by a Board of Directors. Prosper is a non-political, not-for-profit organisation with a long history in shaping innovative approaches to a prosperous future for Scotland, drawing together expertise and perspectives from across government, industry and civil society.


Members are active participants in our work, helping shape what we do through committees, leadership groups and short-life working groups. Our Committees are made up of representatives recruited from across the wide spectrum of our membership base, and operate within defined Terms of Reference. Their expert insight ensures Prosper’s viewpoint is respected, independent and inclusive.

Our Board shapes our strategic direction and business plan.

Our Policy Committee oversees our thought leadership activity and areas of focus. Representative of all of our membership, they help set our 10-year vision for the economy, act as a sounding board for government consultations and policy positions, and sign off influential reports with recommendations for government and industry. They are a critical guiding force for our policy work.

Regional Committees

Prosper is committed to representing all of Scotland’s diverse communities. Our Regional Committees in the North East, Highlands and Islands and South of Scotland ensure the unique strengths of Scotland’s local and regional economies shape our thinking. Our events and influencing activity is informed by regional ambitions and realities as well as a range of perspectives helping us avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. Membership of each of the Regional Committees spans Scotland’s economic diversity – there are CEOs and captains of industry; representatives of local charities, trade unions and arts organisations; principals of colleges and universities.

They represent the many good things happening all over the country, providing insight about emerging trends and new innovations, plus an overview of long-running services and industries where Scotland really excels. They help us design local and regional events and activity locally – they are, of course, best placed to know the most useful format in their own area.

International Business Committee

Our International Business Committee is committed to ensuring that Scotland makes the most of the opportunities a global economy affords.

Supporting Scotland to play its part in the wider world is embedded in Prosper’s DNA. SCDI ran industry-led cross sectoral international trade missions from the 50s to the 2010s advocating for the setting up of Scottish Development International. The support and expertise of our members enabled us to organise the first missions to USSR, China and the States.

Continued engagement with the EU remains vital to Scotland not least as our closest and largest trading partner but also as an innovator and regulator in a globalised world. The Committee was re-constituted following the UK’s exit from the EU. As well as identifying actions to support our economy through trade and cooperation with the EU (hyperlink to report) they led a policy mission to Brussels in March 2023 to reconnect with European Institutions and partners and make the most of Scotland’s third country status.

The International Committee guides our relationship-building with partners in Europe, but also further afield. Prosper is proud to consolidate Scotland’s heritage as a global trading country, always working to identify growth opportunities for our domestic economy through international trade and investment.

Through our international partnerships we are able to promote areas where Scotland excels e.g. export of goods and services such as whisky, salmon, renewable energy, professional services, digital and gaming technology, and life sciences. However, those partnerships also allow Prosper to identify areas where Scotland may be lagging behind its international competitors.

SCDI sits on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) Domestic Advisory Group and Civil Society Forum. It gave evidence to the recent European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Information report: The implementation of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, including the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Individuals can be awarded an honorary Fellowship of Prosper in recognition of their significant service to Prosper and contribution to economic development in Scotland and internationally.


The role of the Prosper President is an honorary position, recognising the contribution an individual makes to Scotland’s economic development.

The Board

Our Board shapes our strategic direction and business plan.

Policy Committee

Prosper’s Policy Committee is a constitutionally bound part of the organisation, comprising 45 members.


Individuals can be awarded an honorary Fellowship in recognition of their significant service and contribution to economic development.

North East

South of Scotland

Highlands & Islands

Prosper works closely with a range of businesses and organisations in the region looking at core issues and objectives to develop and grow the region.