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22 August 2023 |

SCDI joins Fair Work Oversight Group

SCDI Director of Policy and Public Affairs was delighted to have the opportunity to join the Fair Work Oversight Group. Chaired by Cabinet Secretary for the Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy, Neil Gray, the group met for the first time on 3 August. The role of group members is an advisory one, “providing support, challenge, and feedback, to better enable and support the successful delivery of the actions detailed in the 2022 refreshed Fair Work Action Plan and incorporating actions from the Anti Racist Employment Strategy”.

Representation on the group is diverse and includes the Fair Work Convention, Unions, business organisations and Inclusion Scotland amongst others. The first meeting discussed the terms of reference and potential areas requiring further focus. We shared feedback from a member about the potential negative impact that conditionality may be having on employer decisions about young workers.  The Cabinet secretary confirmed that the Scottish Government is “live to the need to understand the impact of conditionality on businesses, and will monitor this accordingly. He suggested that a note is circulated to members to clarify the planned approach.” Once we have more details of this approach, we will update members.  We look forward to representing the views of our members from across the spectrum on this critically important contributor to the wellbeing of Scotland’s economy and people.

We would very much welcome your thoughts on the government’s approach to Fair Work and where the priorities for the action plan should be. Please send any comments to clare.reid@scdi.org.uk