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13 Feb 2024


A Case for Optimism – The Scottish Economy

voco Grand Central

Join experienced Economist and Managing Director of BiGGAR Economics, Graeme Blackett, to hear how we can seize the opportunities currently available to the Scottish economy.

The public and political discourse on the Scottish economy often focuses on what is not working and/or on short term issues. In recent times that has included the cost of living and the cost of doing business, the challenging state of the public finances and the sluggish performance of the UK and Scottish economies since Covid (and since the financial crisis).

Despite the current discourse, Graeme is optimistic about the prospects for the Scottish economy and he will share opportunities that could transform the Scottish economy, for the better, over the next two decades and beyond. Graeme will set out the scale of the economic opportunity – and the collaborative effort that will be needed to take full advantage.

This event will highlight how if Scotland is to take advantage of these opportunities, a shift in mindset will be required. Instead of thinking just about how we deal with economic and social problems, we also need to work out how to make sure we can be ready for this investment, so that the full economic and social benefits can be realised.

About Graeme

Graeme Blackett is an applied economist, with more than 30 years experience of providing economic analysis and advice to government, companies and social economy sectors, in Scotland and across Europe. His areas of expertise include the energy sector, innovation systems and economic strategy. He was founder and is managing director of BiGGAR Economics, a purpose-led company that exists to deliver meaningful impact. Throughout his career, Graeme has been involved in many initiatives to improve economic policy making and implementation. He is a former Advisory Board member of Reform Scotland and was economic advisor to the Sustainable Growth Commission.

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