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23 May 2024

Community Leadership in a Post Truth World

Easterbrook Hall, The Crichton

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How does the South of Scotland prosper in a world of alterative truths and what does community leadership look like in our highly connected social media led world?

Join Dr Philip Seargeant, linguist and author, to explore how we navigate a way forward in a polarised world of debate in which contradicting information shared and amplified by AI through social media directly effects the decisions or non-decision of our leaders.

We will examine what brave looks and feel like when embattled virtually in a rural community.

Philip Seargeant works as Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Open University, where he teaches and researches language and communication with a particular focus on political communication. He has written and edited a dozen academic monographs, textbooks and collections on topics ranging from World Englishes, to fake news, to language and social media. His most recent books are The Art of Political Storytelling (Bloomsbury, 2020) and The Future of Language (Bloomsbury, 2023).