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Scottish Government launch the ‘Take it From Them’ Campaign

The COVID-19 Vaccines ‘Take it From Them’ campaign launches today, and highlights the reasons why people should consider getting the vaccine. The campaign features people with first hand experience of COVID-19 and includes medics and unvaccinated COVID patients.

The ‘Take it From Them’ campaign will run across social media, cinema, outdoor, radio and video on demand.

We also have additional materials in development that we are launching in the coming weeks, which will be available via the SG Marketing Resource Centre when ready. Future campaign materials include videos with voiceovers in 6, 15 and 30 second formats, and we will also be updating the Pregnancy, Fertility and Breastfeeding Toolkit.

How You Can Help

  • Please share the campaign assets with your audiences via your social media channels, including the hashtag #TakeItFromThem
  • Please share the toolkit with any of your contacts that may reach vaccine-hesitant audiences
  • Please follow SG channels across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share and retweet content

‘Take It From Them’ Stakeholder Toolkit

The toolkit contains the following:

    • Campaign information
    • Key messages
    • Who is eligible
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Eligibility Table
    • Social media assets with suggested social copy