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BREXIT – The United Kingdom departs from the European Union.

Brexit statement – EU deal

We are relieved that agreement has been reached on a new trading relationship with the UK’s and Scotland’s largest trading partner. While we would have supported a deal, which retained more of the benefits of EU membership, this outcome is preferable than no deal.

As we transition to the new arrangements, we remain concerned about the short – and long-term impacts on the Scottish economy including Scotland’s exports and imports, the skills our economy needs and investment in Scotland.

It is vital now that both the UK and Scottish governments work together with industry and wider civic Scotland to mitigate any negative consequences for our economy and society and to maximise the opportunities it affords.

Our purpose at SCDI is to support sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Scotland by working together with industry, government and the social economy sectors.

We at SCDI will now work positively with our members and both governments on the actions needed to stabilise the economy and to take full advantage of any opportunities that may arise. We will seek within that to maintain strong economic, social, educational and cultural links with Europe and strengthen our trading links with countries around the world.

Sara Thiam

Chief Executive