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Wind turbines generating electricity on the shore

This blog was written by Craig Shanaghey. Craig is Wood’s President of Operations across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He leads a diverse team, focused on delivering safe and sustainable solutions for our clients’ facilities and producing assets across a multitude of sectors.

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As we continue to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of our disruptive world, we see the increasing and sizable prize ahead for those who are willing to work and think differently — challenging traditional working relationships and being bold in the face of adversity, to drive the energy transition and decarbonize heavy industries.

In a traditional client-contractor model, the client ‘tells’, and we ‘do’.

And, we ‘do’ exceptionally well. We advise and deliver reliably, with integrity, and with all of our tools, talent, and resources that drive innovation and success.

But that traditional model has its limits. It inhibits our pioneering minds and hunger to deliver transformational value that questions the status quo. It hinders our ability to invest in and mobilise the best talent and experience that we’ve curated across our global organisation.

When we engage in a strategic partnership with our client, we can bring so much more to the table.

Together, we set a shared vision and ambition for our partnership and we integrate teams from both sides to leverage the diversity, knowledge, experience, and strength of both organisations in order to drive efficiency, increase value, and reduce costs.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder like this achieves solutions that neither can do in isolation, and we create an empowering experience that people want to be part of.

A bold, new world demands disruptive thinking and brave action.

We’re making change possible and, more than that, we’re delivering a quantifiable difference to the economics and sustainability of our clients’ operations. And that’s something to be really excited about, particularly as we navigate the critical quest of the energy transition.

We have all faced volatility recently, but despite the significant challenges we have been presented with, we recognise it as an opportunity to test our thinking and get really clear about what ‘collaboration’ means for us and our clients.

With that focus, we are strengthening our client relationships – working together in new ways and designing how we can both invest in a partnership that successfully navigates challenging markets and delivers sustainable solutions.

This is how we will achieve more, deliver better, and create new possibilities.