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Climate change response from SCDI

This blog was written by Emeka Emembolu, Senior Vice President, bp North Sea. bp are a principal sponsor of the SCDI Annual Lecture 2021 – click to book your places


bp has been operating in the North Sea for more than 50 years, providing a reliable source of energy to consumers around the world.

As we transform to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, so too must our oil and gas operations.

Here in the North Sea we’re working hard to make our business the safest, most efficient and most sustainable, deploying the latest technologies to reduce emissions offshore.

It’s a challenge our people thrive on, knowing that the energy generated here in the north-east of Scotland is helping to keep our company on a strong footing to fund unprecedented investment in low carbon energy and make net zero a reality.

Our strategy will see us pivot from a world-class international oil company to an integrated energy company, increasingly investing in low carbon solutions.

The good news is we’re not starting from scratch. Our existing low carbon businesses provide us with a solid foundation, including right here in Scotland.

Whether it’s providing Police Scotland with electric vehicle charging through our bp pulse business, or powering more than 1,000 homes with clean electricity from our Lightsource bp solar development in Angus, we are committed to helping meet the world’s rapidly growing demand for low carbon energy.

That commitment extends to helping our communities, and just last year we announced a new partnership with Aberdeen City Council to work alongside the local authority to become a climate positive city.

This was the natural evolution of our long-standing relationship with Aberdeen, a city that is home to our North Sea headquarters, many of our 1,000-strong workforce and a world-class supply chain supporting thousands of jobs.