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26 January 2024 | Clean Growth

Peterson Energy Logistics: Accelerating your Journey to Carbon Neutrality

With the energy transition well underway, many companies are now thinking about their paths to reach net zero. In future, businesses will be required to submit data on energy and emissions, which will be equally as important as financial reporting.

As a highly trusted international energy logistics and supply chain solutions company, and one of the first energy logistics companies to reach carbon neutral status under the PAS 2060 verification scheme, Peterson Energy Logistics is well placed to support you with regulatory reporting to help meet your global emissions targets.

Real-world impact: Our carbon neutral journey has been realised in part through initiatives such as the assets on our sites using alternative energy sources wherever possible. This includes the roll out of HVO fuel to our trucking fleet, reducing emissions by up to 90%, as well as the introduction of the ChangeXL fuel additive to our SNS Pool vessel fleet, resulting in an annual reduction of 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions amongst major energy operators. We’ve also actively engaged our employees to challenge their own behaviours and drive down their carbon footprint.

Additionally, by leveraging our proprietary technology, Lighthouse, we drive up to a 22% reduction in CO2 emissions for clients globally.

Carbon neutral consultancy: Having been on this journey, we now have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in navigating the carbon-neutral certification process and have launched a carbon neutral consultancy service, partnering with businesses to support their sustainability targets.

Furthermore, we are also leveraging our group’s internationally recognised expertise across ESG related services. We have a track record with global brands seeking to manage, track and show improvements to their carbon footprints, their GHG and environmental monitoring, and demonstrate how they make positive social impacts and meet compliance standards.

Data-driven sustainability: Collaborating with Core29, a digital consultancy, Peterson has developed proven methodologies, purpose-built carbon data tools, and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, which deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies throughout the certification process. Clients now benefit from these solutions, reducing the time taken to measure emissions by half or more.

Are you interested in accelerating your carbon neutrality journey? Visit https://www.onepeterson.com/service/energy-logistics/consultancy/carbon-and-energy-consumption-consultancy/ to find out more.