Breaking down barriers.

We work hard to break down barriers, stereotypes and silos, concentrating instead on the huge benefits to be gained from collaborative working and relationship-building.

Stronger Together

Our work complements and builds on the activities of representative organisations providing a space where they come together. Prosper’s collective influence reaches into the corridors of power, both in Scotland and at Westminster, and with business large and small.


The unique strengths of Scotland’s local and regional economies are represented via our Regional Committees (North East, Highlands and Islands and South of Scotland). Shared knowledge ensures our activity is informed by regional ambitions and realities as well as a range of perspectives to avoid a one size fits all approach.

Global Ambition

Prosper is ambitious for Scotland. We want our country to continue to play a role in the global economy as well as keeping up with the best in the world. We look beyond borders, across the rest of the UK, to Europe and right around the world to share good practice and learn from centres of expertise.