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This blog was written by Bob Sanguinetti, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Harbour Board. Aberdeen Harbour are a Strategic Partner of the 2022 Annual Lecture. 

Aberdeen is on the brink of change again. The city is perfectly located to be Europe’s energy transition capital, with its close proximity to current and future offshore windfarm sites, its unmatched capabilities in terms of knowledge, experience and skill, and its innate drive to learn, adapt and innovate.

Once again, the port will be central to the future prosperity of the region, and our expansion project – which is mere months away from its operational phase – will be at the heart of the development of high potential sectors, including offshore wind and green hydrogen – as well as decommissioning and cargo. The expanded port will bolster the economy in the North East of Scotland, contributing by as much as £1.5 billion each year by 2035, while supporting thousands of indirect jobs.

As a non-Aberdonian, new to the city in 2021, it is immensely exciting to be part of the city as it grabs hold of the opportunities comings its way. Aberdeen has a reputation of continually striving to achieve more, overcome challenges and lead change.

Decarbonisation and the need for clean maritime will be one of the biggest challenges for our industry in the coming years, as the technology to support such a diverse, multinational industry is not yet ready. Nevertheless, our commitment to clean maritime is unwavering and we are already forming exciting partnerships to achieve these ambitious aims for the benefit of those using our port as their maritime home in Scotland.

We look forward to continuing our work with our stakeholders across the private and public sectors to pull together our expertise, and ultimately bring prosperity to the city, country, and the global maritime and energy industry.